Corporate Social Responsibility is about a company’s responsible and sustainable behaviour in all company matters, in financial, environmental, and social areas. These areas are also called the “triple bottom line.”

Corporate Community Involvement is one subsection of the third, social area. It is the descendent of Corporate Giving; Strategic Philanthropy; Social Sponsoring; Corporate Citizenship.

Whether you work for a multinational company with a global reach or for a small or medium-sized enterprise in one market, we will help you to plan and execute a comprehensive
and impactful approach to Community Involvement.

You will be guided on how to:

Develop the right Community Involvement strategy

Explore the Company’s roles, responsibilities, and skills in Community Involvement

Budget for Corporate Community Involvement  

Manage Corporate Giving, foundations, and disaster relief

Integrate Community Involvement into your core business…..How to work with Operations, Marketing, and HR  

Make it stand out: How to create and implement leading Community Involvement programs

Manage cross-sector collaboration

Nurture Employee Involvement

Measure, evaluate, and report Community Involvement …. ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure’

Communicate your Community Involvement effectively

Overcome challenges and instigate change

Designing and delivering a community involvement strategy