Consultancy Process

6 phase framework – A client aligned structure, which guides an iterative learning & execution process.

Together with your ‘leadership team’ we determine the scope of strategic opportunities and the scale  of change required.

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Phase 1 Insight - Data Collection & Diagnosis
Each new assignment is approached free of preconceived ideas. Having carried out initial fact finding interviews and acquired raw data specific to the situation, we begin to compile and review a diagnosis to gain a clear understanding of the problem.
Phase 2 Analysis - Solution Development
We develop a strategic value agenda to extract the drivers of value and to conduct a strategic redesign that identifies opportunities across the business.
Phase 3 Objectives - Solution Development
Setting SMARTE objectives (Specific, Measurable, Accepted, Realistic, Timed and Ethical) informs our strategic route, and provides evaluation targets.
Phase 4 Planning - Solution Development
‘Who – What – Where – How – When’. We work up a robust business case to define the investments needed and estimate the size and timing of expected benefits. This is a blueprinting stage which focuses on the business and operational decisions that make the strategic design developed in Phase 3 actionable (sales coverage, profit centre ownership, customer segmentation and so on). We help build the unique business models required to achieve the strategic objectives, the operating model that will enable those business models, and to determine where and how the business will use partners or collaboration to extend its capabilities.
Phase 5 Execution - Implementation
At the execution phase implementation of new systems and processes required to support the changes takes place. In addition, collaboration with partners help deliver change outcomes and/or internal operating efficiency. Fundamental changes impact culture, which requires visible engagement by leaders as they build buy-in for the changes.
Phase 6 Measurement - Evaluation
With design and execution complete, the transition is evaluated to measure its performance against its desired outcomes. This is will become an iterative process for which we provide the tools and resources to enable the evaluation and learning.

Tasks include tracking and measuring progress; re-evaluating potential new opportunities across the operating model and making adjustments to capture the openings


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