Finance Masterclass

Social Finance/Social Investment Masterclass

Our 'Social Finance' Toolbox develops on a ‘Learning Circle Process’.

We adopt the PARA (Plan Act Reflect Adapt) process to help empower the delegates to participate and immerse themselves into the masterclasses:

  • Explore legal structures and business models to help position your social enterprise 
  • Develop a plan of action around key questions such as ‘How do we develop a suitable growth programme? How are we going to pitch investors?
  • Explore, acquire and build knowledge around the many key issues posed by the journey to social enterprise investment readiness
  • Open up the opportunity to share the experiences of enterprises at different stages of their growth trajectory, including start-ups
  • Explore the different sources of finance and investors available to Social Enterprises at different stages of their development trajectory.

Running Business Canvass sessions:

Whiteboarding the Social Business Canvass to encourage ‘participatory learning’ about interaction of different functions and linkages that make up an investment ready enterprise.

Organising bespoke sessions entitled ‘Meet the Investors’:

Guest Speakers from Key Fund; Big Issue Invest; Clearly So(cial) Angels & others.

Takeaways from bespoke consultation sessions:

An elementary knowledge of the ‘social enterprise finance’ eco-system,

A road map to the types of finance available to each enterprise & start-up idea,

Signposts to the different categories of finance provider and knowledge of what investment readiness looks like (i.e. when their enterprise will qualify for the different levels of investment).

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