ISO 26000 Corporate Social Responsibility

ISO 26000 provides guidance on how businesses and organisations can operate in a socially responsible way

Our ISO 26000 Consultancy, delivers straightforward guidance through the seven core tenets of social responsibility.

ISO 26000 is the international standard developed to help organisations' assess and address those ethical, social responsibilities, that are relevant and significant to their mission and vision; operations and processes; customers; employees; communities; other stakeholders; and environmental impact.

ISO 26000 guidance underpins our CSR Consultancy. We will guide you step by step through what is a fairly intricate process, with relevant resources and worked examples to steer your organisation around potential pitfalls and demonstrate that it adheres to ISO 26000. You will be able to evidence how your organisation engages in ethical and transparent practices that positively contribute to society and positively impact your bottom line:

Concepts, terms and definitions related to social responsibility

Background, trends and characteristics

Principles and practices relating to social responsibility

Core subjects and issues

26K issue-tool analysis

Integrating, implementing and promoting socially responsible behaviour

Identifying and engaging with stakeholders

Communicating commitments, performance and impact

ISO 26000 is a voluntary guidance which can be applied as a framework/guide to implement/integrate social responsibility. It differs in that regard to other  ISO's, which are used for certification.

Our training courses are between 2 and 4 days depending on the organisations size. For more information about ISO 26000 and how it applies to your organisation you can contact us on the number below.

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