Seminars and workshops,
master classes
Useful to convey generic information and act as a basic filter (provided by
NPC, the Young Foundation and others)
Bespoke business supportServices for those close to investment (ClearlySo and others) including
Informal supportWord of mouth, ad hoc mentoring and reviews
Challenge packages,
competitions and awards
Based on competitions with limited winners (such as UnLtd, Deloitte
Pioneers, Social Business Trust, Impetus Trust etc
One-to-one supportFor those near to the point of investment (which can be provided by
investors and is often required after investment)
MentoringIncluding from experienced social or ‘mainstream’ entrepreneurs, but
quality is hard to monitor
Peer-to-peerFor help with navigation, presentation and diagnosis (such as NCVO,
Social Enterprise UK and others)
Private providersRanging in depth, accessibility, price and quality (Setas18 and others
including mainstream providers)
Professional firms and technical
Accountancy, legal, financial by experts with specialist knowledge of the
Courses Accredited or otherwise, can be integrated into other business or
management qualifications; specific social enterprise training e.g. Ulster
University, School for Social Entrepreneurs
Expert supportPools of specialist expertise brought in to an organisation or provides
services provided on an outsourced basis to build up skill level; difficulty
ensuring transfer of skills and knowledge occurs