Social Return on Investment (SROI)

SROI is a well established framework based on social generally accepted accounting principles (SGAAP) that can be used to help manage and understand the social, economic and environmental outcomes created by your activity or organisation.

The SROI framework is an essential tool for communicating the social value your work creates in a clear and consistent way with customers, and beneficiaries. It can help you manage risks, identify opportunities and access finance.

SROI works equally well for private or social enterprise, and helps to deliver service improvements through information flow in consistent and clear language.

” What we can do ” 

We support organisations throughout the entire process of analysing and evaluating social impact helping to our clients to embed social impact measurement in their organisation and to analyse and value social impact investments (donations, charity, subsidies, loans, grants, etc.) and, crucially, what the organisation’s stakeholders consider valuable.

7 key principles: 

  • Involving stakeholders

  • Understanding what changes

  • Valuing the things that matter

  • Only including what is material

  • Not over-claiming

  • Being transparent

  • Verify results

Theory of Change & Impact Road Map

We can help you define your Theory of Change, opening insights into ‘how’ your inputs and activities lead to outputs and outcomes. We can draft a comprehensive Impact Road Map for your organisation and help you to conduct a stakeholder analysis using key metrics. We bring extensive experience in conducting robust research and analyses, whilst equipping you with the tools to navigate the complexity of outcomes and indicators, using different valuation techniques and determining impact claims (attribution, dead weight, drop-off and displacement).

To contact Corporate SR call: +44 (0)113 871 5001 or email:

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