Balanced Scorecard Workshops

Scorecard Fundamentals - Building and Maintaining a Balanced Scorecard


We help organisations use the Strategic Balanced Scorecard to design, communicate and execute their strategy, whilst engaging with the more far-reaching questions of the discipline and the culture that helps create performance.

Measures, targets and basic scorecards, although important, are not the only components in developing and executing strategy effectively. We develop ideas around 4th Generation Balanced Scorecard thinking and techniques. The Balanced Scorecard approach has evolved to accommodate different approaches to suit different sets of circumstances and elicit different effects.

This Balanced Scorecard (BSC) training workshop is arranged to help anyone thinking of introducing or working on a balanced scorecard project to gain a basic competence in designing and implementing an effective  BSC Strategic Framework.

What is a Balanced Scorecard?


Part 1... Key Concepts

  • gained an understanding of the BSC five key concepts and four main components
  • learnt how to plan and develop a strategy map
  • become familiar with common BSC terminology
  • learnt the key characteristics of the balanced scorecard

Part 2 ...Mapping & Evaluation

  • learn how to plan and develop a strategy map
  • learnt how to develop a destination statement
  • learnt how to identify objectives which align with business goals
  • gained knowledge of the measurement and evaluation metrics used and their relevance

Part 3... Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work

  • understood the pitfalls and learnt effective ways of avoiding them
  • learnt the importance of identifying and managing stakeholders throughout
  • learnt how to use the balanced scorecard as a communication tool
  • learnt some key risk management techniques to help you avoid failure
  • learnt how to manage and maintain your balanced scorecard systems

This course is designed as an introduction to the 4th Generation Balanced Scorecard and would suit those entering the Performance Profession, or Change Management.
You will improve on your ability to:

  • Get projects on the right track
  • Retain engagement and ownership
  • Improve existing management processes
  • Avert dysfunctional measures
  • Better manage strategy and performance

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